My Bullet Journal Setup – Quarantine series

My Bullet Journal Setup – Quarantine series

2020 has taken an unusual turn in all our lives. It’s very easy to feel depressed, unmotivated, and lost as we all are staying in. Doing something you love is one way to bring joy to our lives!

Speaking of joy, I love doodling or painting with watercolors. I would say the quarantine inspired me to spend some time doing what I love!

I had started using a Filofax planner this year. But as we are in quarantine, I needed to fill my life with some color. So, I decided it was time to set up my bullet journal. I love creating fun spreads in my bujo. Bullet journaling is a productive yet fun way to keep your life organized.

The bujo supplies that I have used:-

  • A diary with recycled paper
  • Watercolors
  • Colour pencils &
  • A black pen

Since I started using my bujo during spring I went for a floral theme and used my watercolors to create the title page. 

Key– My bujo key is simple and helps me to efficiently complete all my tasks for the day.

▢ I add a square sign to enter a task in my daily spread. 

If I have started a task for the day but have not been able to complete it, then I just put a diagonal line in the square sign.

This symbol is used when a task is completed 

  Square with an arrow is used when I push a task to the next day.

I use the star sign to mark birthdays or anniversaries.

A triangle to mark any event.

You can create your own signifiers, that make sense to your entries. Do your thing! These are just a few to get you started.

Index– All I want to say about my index is that it makes my life easy when I want to find something particular in my journal.

Beauty routine– I am a person who is all about routines. I love setting routines, they help me to give importance to every area of life equally. We all know that we can easily neglect self-love and self-care when we get super busy in our daily grind. Setting a beauty routine reminds me to take out time to have a little pamper session every now and then. Especially with this lockdown, we all are busy cooking and cleaning and definitely need to reward ourselves with an at-home spa session. 

Cleaning routine– I am sure we all are cleaning our homes like Monica from Friends. Having a cleaning list helps a lot and we don’t feel overwhelmed when we start cleaning. I like to maintain a schedule so that every area of the house gets my love and attention. 

My Ideal day– This is a simple daily routine like a school timetable to get everything done so that there is no time to procrastinate. I write the time in the middle column and all my tasks next to it. 

Goals– First of all these flowers are pretty to look at and secondly, this is where I am writing my 5 main goals for this year. Every time I open my journal I will be inspired to really go after my goals and accomplish them. 

Books read– This is my favorite spread as it encourages me to read a lot, I mean a loooot of books. It will help me to keep track of all the books that I have completed reading.

I want to learn– This is just an inspiration board where I list out things that I wanna learn this year. My list would look something like this- learning a new language, some new yoga poses, doing an online course, new video editing skills and the list goes on and on. 

Places I have been to– If you have a habit of being grateful, you will attract more for which you can be grateful and have abundance in life. I am just gonna make a list of all the places I have been to and feel a lot of gratitude for getting to travel and explore this beautiful world. 

So, pick up a journal and start organising your beautiful life. Sending you’ll lot of love ♡

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