How to plan your 2019 Goals and Challenges!!

How to plan your 2019 Goals and Challenges!!

Heya and welcome to my revamped blog! I am super pumped up for 2019!! New Year is all about new hopes, new goals, and lots of excitement. Isn’t it? Today I am going to share my 2019 goals and challenges and tips to reset your life.

When you start thinking about the new year and things you want to achieve this year, it is very normal to get overwhelmed. You may even think about your unaccomplished goals and may feel why to bother to set goals this year.  But don’t you fret b’coz I have got you covered.

What you gonna need:-

Sit in your favorite cozy place
A diary or paper to write your goals
And a pen

I have divided my goals into categories


Mental Goals:-To be able to achieve your goals you must first be mentally happy, strong, and focused. So my first goal is to have a healthy mind. We always include a fit body in our yearly goals but always neglect the goal to have a fit mind.

2018 has been a great year for me as I not only transformed my body by changing my lifestyle but also had a mental transformation. The four things that have helped me are Meditation, Law of Attraction, Positive thinking, and Gratitude.

Meditation:- Including at least 5 to 10 mins a day for meditation (a state of non-doing) is very important. Knowingly or unknowingly we go through mental stress daily. Meditation can help in relieving that stress caused by unwanted thoughts, fears, and doubt, etc.

Law of attraction:- I had read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne some years back but never really understood the power of our mind. In 2018 I started reading articles on the law of attraction and practicing this law to attract the things I wanted to achieve in my life. I started to see the results and my life has changed for good.

Positive thinking:- We often hear people say ‘Be positive or Think positive’ but we are unaware that our minds are filled with self-doubt and thoughts about unaccomplished goals from our past which brings negativity in our life.

How many times in our life we have missed an opportunity, be it a dream job, meeting new people, trying a new dance or cooking class just because we feel we are not good enough or that we may fail or be judged by others.

We don’t realize that most of the time we are judging ourselves and our capabilities. So, by positive thinking I mean, trying new things in life without the fear of failing or being judged.

Believe me, judgemental people will judge you no matter what you do. So, why let go of your dreams because of others’ judgment. I have felt relaxed and free when I stopped thinking about what will others think about me. What matters the most is what we think about ourselves.

Gratitude:- I believe gratitude is linked with law of attraction, positive thinking, and overall mental wellbeing. Gratitude can bring abundance in life! You may ask how?

Being thankful for what you currently have in life is the first step. When you start practicing gratitude you will start seeing all the positive things in your life and your focus will shift from negative to positive.

When you are feeling grateful for the things and people in your life you are sending a message to the universe that you want more of these. That’s when abundance starts flowing into your life.

Each of these need a blog post of their own. So I will be posting blogposts on how to practise meditation, how to maintain a gratitude journal and my personal experience about Law of attraction etc.

Physical Goals:- Well we all make fitness goals every year to lose or put on a few kilos, to have a peach butt, or to have a thigh gap. My fitness goal is to be healthy, to build my stamina, to eat clean, and overall being happy.

To achieve your fitness goals the first step is to ask yourself why do you wanna be fit? If the answer is that you wanna look like someone on social media or because you are told by the society, to look a certain way, then there is a chance that you may lose the motivation to stick to your fitness goal.

This year choose to be fit for your own better health and better life. I will be sharing about my home workouts and diet in another blog post.

Career Goals:- I realised last year that I should go after my dream and not worry about being judged. I was into Accounting and Finance as a profession but I wasn’t loving it.

I decided I am going to pursue what I love and that is creating content and the goal this year is to explore my creative side. I believe if you do any work with a lot of passion and determination, success follows.

Hobbies:- Keeping dedicated time to pursue your hobby is the best gift you can give yourself. Many people find it challenging to fit their hobby in the daily or weekly schedule but once you realize the benefits of doing what you love, you will definitely have time to pursue your hobby.

Pursuing any hobby can help improve mental and physical health, be more creative, help you relax, helps to grow spiritually, can help boost self-confidence and it even helps to fight depression.

My goals are to read more books, doodle, and sing. Leave your book recommendations in the comments down below and help me achieve my reading goal.

Wishing you’ll a Happy New Year filled with lots of love, adventure, and hopes!!

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