April 2019 Bujo Setup and plan with me- Sunflower theme

April 2019 Bujo Setup and plan with me- Sunflower theme

Can you believe we have already completed 3 months of 2019!! I am excited to set my goals for the month of April. I spent some time on the weekend with my bullet journal , to set up the month of April.

I am using a handmade journal made with recycled paper. I am linking similar journals below the blog post. 

Summer has officially begun and I can only imagine myself in a field full of bright and beautiful sunflowers. Visiting a sunflower field is on my bucket list. So until then, I am going to fill my April spread with pretty sunflowers.

If you can imagine it in your mind you can experience it in your reality!

I started my monthly spread with a quote which constantly reminds me of the law of attraction and its power to accomplish my dreams.

Next I wanted a place to write down my monthly goals. These are more like monthly to-do’s.

Every month I like to take up fitness challenges like Ab- challenge or guns and buns challenge. So in this section I am going to write down my April fitness challenge.

Next up we have a page dedicated to my habit tracker. Habit tracker makes my days productive and it helps to complete all the daily tasks.

I track things like water intake, a reminder to take my vitamins, meditate every day, walking minimum 10 k steps a day , writing in my gratitude journal.

I everyday remind myself  to keep some time for self love and doing small beauty/ pamper sessions like applying face mask or oiling my hair and relaxing. 

April 1st to 7th

Finally, we have a week on two pages filled with beautiful sunflowers. Every morning I sit with my bujo and write down my daily to-dos in my weekly pages. At the end of the day, it feels great to cross things off your to-do lists.

April 8th to 14th
April 15th to 21st
April 22nd to 28th

Wishing everyone a happy and fun filled month!! Subscribe and stay tuned for my upcoming blogposts.

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